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HttpChameleon  ::  updated 1.26.2004
Marc Norton, Daniel Roelker
This program provides a Win32 GUI for the HTTP IDS evasions technology contained in the URL encoder program. This application makes the encoder technology much more accessable and usable.

URL Encoder  ::  updated 8.1.2003
Daniel Roelker
This program contains URL encoding technology discussed in the HTTP IDS evasion project. Compiles on *NIX and Win32. Use HttpChameleon if you are on Windows, it's just more useful.

ms_unicode_map.c  ::  updated 8.12.2003
Daniel Roelker
This program dumps the unicode code pages and the codepoints for each page on a Windows machine. This is helpful in picking what codepoints to use when encoding a URL for a Windows machine of a similiar type.