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[ djr@7.04.2004 ] New Paper: Optimizing Pattern Matching for IDS
New research on pattern matching algorithms and IDS is presented in this paper by Marc Norton. The research involves detailing the important characteristics of IDS pattern matchers and explains why some pattern matching algorithms are preferrable to others. Marc also presents new pattern matching technology based on the traditional Aho-Corasick algorithm and compares the performance against standard multi-pattern matching algorithms. The new pattern matchers presented in this paper were added in the Snort 2.2RC1 release.

[ djr@1.26.2004 ] HttpChameleon Update, Links page is up
Some minor syntax and documentation bugs were fixed in HttpChameleon. The Links page has also been added, so check that out too.
[ djr@8.10.2003 ] Launch of Snort™ project page
Launched the Snort™ project page. This page contains the code that we've contributed to the Snort™ project and papers about the technology that was implemented. Look for some new papers and tools coming at the end of Aug./beginning of Sept.
[ djr@8.1.2003 ] Official launch of idsresearch.org Router security login. This site contains projects concerning network intrusion detection and network attack research. Current projects include contributions to the Snort™ IDS, HTTP IDS evasions, pattern matching research, and hash algorithm protection. Hope you enjoy the site.
[ djr@6.15.2003 ] Defcon as catalyst
Got a speaking slot at Defcon 11, so I figured it was about time to set up a website for the security research that my colleague, mnorton, and I are involved in. We hope to increase the number of active research projects contained on this site by involving other like-minded individuals. If interested, please drop us a note . . .